iTS Design, but better.

Website + Managed SEO = More Traffic

More Traffic = Growth

Our services get you more traffic so your business grows.

-that's thinking iTelligently

$179/m* gets you:

(taxes and fees included, cancel at any time)

web design stewartstown york

An Awesome Website

branding stewartstown york

Bold Branding

seo services stewartstown york

Managed SEO**

Our proprietary methods are so cost effective that this is the only reason how we're able to offer a monthly subscription this low, subsequently passing the savings to you.

itelligent solutions support

24/5 Website Support

itelligent solutions revision unlimited

Unlimited Revisions

ecommerce website york stewartstown


We don't stop at saving you money. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional results - so exceptional that we've never gotten anything lower than 100% positive customer feedback on Google and Trustpilot.

itelligent solutions customer service

5/5 Star Service

itelligent solutions hosting

Cutting Edge Hosting

itelligent solutions security

Robust Security

*Non-profits get 20% monthly discount. If you don't need a website or just needing something small done, e.g. fix broken website, logo design, flyers, video promo... - Contact us, we have subsidized pricing available.

** Ad campaigns (CPC) are paid by you, we do not cover these costs, we just optimally set it up for you.

How it works:

We provide and cover hosting, web design, marketing, and managed SEO. Our proprietary method drives a crazy amount of business to your site, converting into significantly more revenue and client traffic for your business. Never have to worry about your website breaking down, down the road or keeping your website ahead of your competitors. We're cutting the cord to old-school based pricing where you pay thousands up front... Because you'll just have to pay it again sometime down the road again whether if its a redesign or your site breaks - and who wants that?

1. You choose a time

Set up an appointment via "Let's Meet." You choose the date, time, and contact preference (phone, Zoom video, or in-person).

   2. You set goals

You tell us what you want, we make it happen. Website, logo, newsletter, video promo, flyer, etc. We have an optional downloadable questionnaire to help guide your questions.

     3. Contract

Seal the deal. We both sign a contract that protects both parties. This contract does not tie you into any long-term commitments. It's mostly just legal stuff.

    4. You're In!

You subscribe to iTS Fusion and get access to the iTS Fusion Member Portal that gives you access to all upcoming projects, payments, and website files. This will be collaborative and we'll be able to share all website and marketing related content.

      5. We're on it

We get started on your site and give you exclusive access to your website directly, via a special portal. You will be able to make changes as you please. We'll be there for you 24/5 if you need any help.

     6. We never rest

We perform weekly and monthly optimizations to your site (technical and managed SEO) so you stay ahead of your competitors. This is the last step in the iTS Fusion process and never expires as long as you stay subscribed - which we highly recommend to avoid your website dropping in rank and losing all that hard work.

Trustpilot & Google

Built on React

Why do we build sites on React?

  1. It facilitates the overall process of writing components.
  2. It ensures faster rendering so your website beats the competition that are using traditional coding techniques.
  3. It guarantees stable code.
  4. React can run on the server, rendering and returning the virtual DOM to the browser as a regular webpage making it SEO friendly.

We build apps.

You want an app for your business - you got it. We develop apps for businesses of all types.

Raising the bar

When your site loads fast, it literally costs Google less money and server resources to visit your site. They like that and we make sure that happens. We're more than just a web design and SEO company, we strive to set us apart - because we want your business to stand out. You aren't a client to us - we're partners, or as we like to call you, a Fusion Member.

2 Important Questions.

  • How do Fusion Members surpass their competitors and get a bigger bang for their buck?
  • How does iTelligent Solutions offer the exact same services (and then some) other design and SEO agencies offer, but at a more competitive rate?

Let's find out:

One pricing tier, $179/m: 24/5 support, managed website optimizations, unlimited sites, automations, branding.
We pay for everything - you don't have to worry about any expenses outside of your iTS Fusion subscription. We've developed a cost effective way to take care of all expenses so the savings can be passed onto you.
Managed SEO. This is probably one of the biggest advantages we have over our competitors and for you - making sure you stay ahead of your competitors.
We don't charge extra for things such as website design tasks, automations, and weekly consulting (not monthly).
We monitor your website 24/7 for any unusual behavior.
2 - 4 week turn-around to create your site.
We help you create content for your website.
The Other Guys
Complicated tier pricing and limited services if you don't purchase the most expensive tier ($1,595/m - Growmodo).
They have you pay for multiple things outside of their pricing subscription (as if it wasn't expensive enough) including, registrar, theme, hosting, tools. They use traditional methods so they have to charge more.
$600-$5000 per month for OutReachFrog's managed SEO. Growmodo doesn't offer managed SEO leaving your website stagnant.
They charge extra for essential services such as website design tasks and monthly consulting calls.
Growmodo doesn't offer this even on the growth $1,595/m package
1 - 2 month turn-around to create your site.
Growmodo says that you'll have to go to someone else for this.

Average website load time is about 2.3 seconds. Our members' sites, on average, load well under 2 seconds due to special coding configurations - time is money, literally.

Source: Backlinko recently conducted a study where they analyzed over one million search engine results pages (SERPs) on Google.

We've worked with:

Click to view some of our websites:

Who We Are

We work out of the York, Harrisburg, Lancaster, & Towson, MD areas.

app development
Jared Grace

Software Engineer

graphic design near me
Ashley Rosenberger

Graphic Designer

web designer near me
Matthias Hamm

Founder & Web Developer

Boss Kitty

The boss, the glue to the company - basically keeps everyone in line and the place running - no pun intended.

We aren't a creative agency, we're iTelligent Solutions...


2 - 4 Week Turn-around

Time is money, but having a website that stands out among the competition is just as important, if not more so. We've come up with a solution to meet both of these demands. We also perform pulse updates to your site so you don't run into unexpected issues down the road which happen quite often with one-time payment plans vs our subscription ones. Check our 24/7 Support section to find out more.

Ignite Your Brand

Aside from building your website, we do logo designs, video promos, flyers, email newsletters, business cards & brand identity (all requests x1 per month). We make sure the spotlight is on you when you're displayed in organic search results, social media and ads.

Managed Organic & Paid SEO

We'll set up your site across multiple platforms such as Facebook, Google Business, and Yelp. Monthly, your site and competitors will be analyzed, tweaking your SEO accordingly to organically rank your website higher and get greater online presence, converting into more potential business for you. We also provide backlinks as well as cost-efficient ad campaigns through Google Adwords & Facebook Ads.

Unlimited Support & Pulse Updates

We optimize your website's performance on a regular basis (as we like to call "pulse updates"). This prevents significant costs that you'll inevitably have to pay some time down the road due to traditional 1-time costs. We also include 24/5 live support. You will have your own beautifully laid out and easy to use web portal where you can access your website and chat with us (though we monitor your site 24/7).

Sky's not the limit

Unlimited page, logo, app, and professional writing revisions. Change your mind about something on your site 4 months from now - your wish is our command.

Secure Store & Checkout

Want a store? You got it - all included in our subscription. We'll set it up for you from start to finish. We will set up your entire payment system and teach you how to use it.

Never Settle For Less

Despite being a young company, we have the structure and performance of an established company well into their 2nd decade - and our members see it. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, and so far, have never fallen short. But don't take our word for it, check out what others say about us further down!

Unparalleled Cloud Hosting

We cover all domain (registrar) and hosting costs. Your site will be managed and hosted securely on Google Domains & AWS (Amazon Web Services) being monitored and pinged every 1 minute. We're immediately alerted for any unusual behavior. Additionally, all sites have links at the bottom of each page where you can see your site's uptime reports. Click here to see ours.

Nothing Gets By

Millions of websites are not encrypted, inevitably leaving them suceptible to lurking hackers. We don't allow this on any of our member's sites. In fact, we force every request, in and out, to be loaded over HTTPS, meaning only secure connections are allowed. We also have 24/7 security monitoring.

Websites take 6-12 months to organically rank on Google.

Despite the circumstances of COVID-19, now is the perfect time to kickstart your business website so when things go back to normal, your website will be at the position it deserves in Google search and we'll be there making sure!